NLP Associations

An Association, by definition, is typically a non-profit (not-for-profit) organization that belongs to a group or community, is not owned or controlled by a single person, whose money goes to the organization, and which serves to support the Association.  An Association has a code of ethics, a way of policing its members, a governing body.

Some of the following also are Associations, but those that are for-profit and/or owned by a single individual.  [Inaccuracy Alert: This is not a full list and some may need to be corrected.]

  • Association of NLP: [ website ]
  • European Association for Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy: [ website ]
  • French Federation: [ website ]
  • German Association [ website ]
  • International Association of NLP: [ website ]
  • International NLP Trainers Association: [ website ]
  • International Association of NLP Institutes [IN] [ website ]
  • ISNS, International Society of Neuro-Semantics: [ website ]
  • Meta International: [ website ]
  • Dutch Association of NLP: [ website ]
  • New Zealand Association: [ website ]
  • NLP Association of Australia:  [ website ]
  • Society International for Coaches of NLP (Canadian): [website]
  • Spanish NLP Association:  

  • Switzerland Association (Swiss): [ website ]
  • The International Commission for Professional NLP: [ website ]

The following is a listing of the Global Associations and their training requirements as of May 2020.