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Heidi Heron

(reply from Anneke Durlinger)

Hi everybody

At the Leadershipsummit we have taken the initiative to generate an overview of all the standards/curricula set by the different associations.
This overview will offer transparency to all leadership summit members and can be subject of discussion in the next summit.

It will also offer transparency to the next generation of NLP trainers, who want to engage themselves with an association, to check which standard complies with their own criteria and values. And the transparency will also inform all persons who want to follow a NLP training to get information about the different standards.

I am waiting for the information of the different leadership members who committed themselves to deliver this information. (so this may be a kind remembering 🙂 )

I will keep you posted.

Happy greetings

And you know what: I am still very grateful for all that NLP has brought me over the last thirty years, how I can utilize it for myself and facilitate individuals and groups to create a more ecological sound world, within the person and thus in the world surrounding him/her.

Anneke Durlinger