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Heidi Heron

(reply by Bruce Grimley.)

I did answer you Peter with a case study published in the British Psychology Journal: (What is NLP? The development of a grounded theory within an Action Research Journey. Sports and Exercise Psychology Review. Summer 2015.) I think most journals associated with BPS have quite a high impact level. And as mentioned in my recent email to group I am awaiting a reply to a paper I have written for the international coaching psychology review. Both of these papers put NLP in the title so it shows up in searches and also in the abstract too.

However as you pointed out this was not relevant to psychotherapy, (which is what you were after) and this, for me brings up another question. NLP started by modeling psychotherapy and it is quite clear the Meta Model for instance was designed for use in the context of therapy. However even though our NLP psychotherapists seem to be leading the way with the little research which does meet the mark, what about research in all the other applications of NLP patterns?

We have some way to go, however it is nice we are all talking with the intention of taking NLP as a discipline forward and seeking to talk about the areas where we agree as well as those where we differ.

With best wishes, Bruce.

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