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Heidi Heron

(Reply from Connirae Andreas)

Hi Armand and group,
Regarding NLP and its contribution to working with happiness.
I can offer a recently-completed study, a randomized clinical trial of the Core Transformation work. The research was well-done, through Loyola University in Maryland, by a doctoral student, Dinesh Braganza. Richard Gray, (of the NLP R & R project), participated on his Doctoral committee.
It hasn’t yet been published in a journal, but apparently the dissertation committee was quite impressed, both with the quality of the research and with the strength of the results. It will be published soon on Loyola University’s website.

Braganza used standard measures, including multiple measures of wellbeing. (I don’t know if they included the same measures as is used in the “happiness research” but I suspect so.).
I’m attaching a synopsis of the research, and below is a quote from the synopsis:

“It is striking that a single session of Core Transformation produced effect sizes similar or greater in magnitude to those obtained by approximately 15 sessions of CBT(Cognitive Behavior Therapy) or ISTDP, or 8 weeks of MBSR (mindfulness training), which comprised 2.5 hour-long weekly group sessions and 20 minutes daily meditation.”

If anyone is interested in seeing the complete dissertation, with details of the research, you’re welcome to email me and I’ll send you a copy.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, Armand. I hope it helps.
Connirae Andreas

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