Introducing new members

If you know of someone who would be a valuable addition to this group here are the guidelines for inviting them to join:

  1. Check that they are not already members of the group.
  2. Talk to them to check that  they are interested in joining and meet the requirements:
    • 15 years minimum in the field.
    •  recognised as a Leader in NLP (this is about Leading people to NLP vs. standing on the apex)
    • willing to sign up to the materials we have on the website
  3. Email the group with your recommendation – tell us a bit about the trainer and that they do meet above + email address
  4. At least one person recommends them (I suppose that would be the person sending the message!) and there are no strong objections. If there are they need to be discussed among the group.
  5. Formally extend the invitation
  6. If they accept
    • Add their email to the email group list
    • Add their name to the web-site home page
    • Add them to the contact page: email address + bio, usually their LinkedIn page.