Membership criteria

The NLP Leadership Summit is an open group to leaders in the field of NLP.   We welcome new members who meet the criterion of being a leader in the field of NLP.  These are the questions that we use to assess the criterion:

Membership Application

In an effort to create more collaboration and cooperation versus competition in our field, this group was formed. It is a very inclusive group of individuals who currently seem genuinely interested in working together in some shape or form. We are not an association, have no desire to create standards or rules around NLP - but we are interested in the field of NLP and ensuring its longevity by ensuring the people leading NLP are connected and share some common goals.

Membership Process

Once we receive your application, we will confirm this with you and seek any clarification necessary. Within 2 weeks we will propose your membership to the full NLP Leadership Summit for approval. If there is no dispute of you meeting the criteria, a formal invitation will be offered and you will be added to the website and email list within another 2 weeks.

    Have you been training/leading NLP for at least 15 years?
  • The NLP Leadership Summit defines "Leadership" as leading people to NLP.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.