NLP and protection against COVID-19

In the current (June 2020) Covid 19 pandemic, it has come to our attention that some people identifying themselves as NLP providers have made claims that their psychological methods are the best protection against getting the virus.

We, in the NLP Leadership Summit, are unequivocally opposed to making such claims. No NLP methods have been researched to show effectiveness against contracting the virus. We suggest caution about any individual making such claims.

NLP methods have been shown to be beneficial to psychological health and in dealing with fear and stress. Stress has been proven to weaken immune functioning, therefore stress reduction is a useful addition to other measures we take to stay safe and healthy.

We suggest you remain informed and follow the latest research results as the scientific community learns day by day.

We encourage choosing actions that are considerate of the health and wellbeing of others, in addition to one’s self.

Ann Skidmore
Anneke Durlinger
Anneke Meijer
Arline Davis
Armand J Kruger
Brian Cullen
Brian Van der Horst
Connirae Andreas
Constantine Bimplis
Cornelia Labandowksy
Dianne Lowther
Henrie Lidiard
Phil Parker
Enrique Jurado
Frank Daniels
Frank Pucelik
Heidi Heron
Helen Oakwater
Hugh Comerford
Jean Luc Monsempes
Jeremy Lazarus
Joe Cheal
L. Michael Hall
Laureli Blyth
Leo Angart
Lindsey Agness
Lisa de Rijk
Luzia Wittmann
Marcel Genestar Antunez
Marilou Seavey
Marja-Leena Savimäki
Martha Rosas Moreno
Melody Cheal
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Shelle Rose Charvet
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Suzi Smith
Terry Hickey
Tim Hallbom
Ueli R. Frischknecht

Please note, the above names denote only the Leaedership Summit members who were involved in the creation of the statement and does not exclude those not named.