The Second NLP Leadership Summit — Nov. 2013

From: L. Michael Hall



Welcome to the first email from the new Egroup — NLP Leadership Summit!   From what I have heard from everyone— we had an excellent Summit and accomplished a lot.



During the NLP Leadership Summit — we came up with 7 projects.  And with Shelle’s great co-facilitation we got names and dates as we set things up to truly collaborate (work together).  Below is the list that Shelle made of the assignments and the content of the Flip Charts that Bob Janes transcribed.  If you were not at the Summit –the lists that follow are the working lists that we all wrote … and the names of the individuals with the group will be creating a summary that we will put out to this group and then use to put a statement on the website.



The vision for this group is that we have something in common — we are all deeply invested in making NLP more credible, more professional, and more valued.  We are also associating in this Summit — not to create another association, but simply to associate collaboratively with each other in this common adventure.  Our objective is simply to connect, communicate, support, understand, and learn to appreciate each other.


Frank Pucelik and I have introduced the language of “the elders of the tribe” as a way to think about the role that those of us who have been in this field for 15 or more years have.   We are the older ones and leadership is up to us!   Our aim is to tap into the tremendous intellectual, creative, and social capital that we all have and see if we can provide a more collaborative leadership for the field of NLP.


We all come from many different associations of NLP and for 40 years, we have tried again and again to create a Super-Association to govern the whole field.  Yet if we follow our own NLP advice: “If what we are doing is not working, do something else” (do anything else!), then it is time not to create another association, but to simple associate as the leaders and see what we can create relationally and inter-personally.




I have created an Egroup for NLP Leadership Summit; well, I didn’t, I had my IT guy do it!  I then entered all of your email addresses.  The system is automatized so that the first day of every month you will receive a notice whereby you can unsubscribe.  You will also receive an automatized welcoming letter.


The Egroup system is moderated … so if someone writes something and you happen to hit “reply” and thought you were only writing to that person rather than to the whole group, it will be caught.  This has saved me many embarrassments! 🙂    This will provide a forum in addition to the LinkedIn one.

To post on this group, hit “Reply” and put your Name and Email address at the top left.   Warning: When you hit “reply,” your email will go to the whole group.  So do be careful!  Putting your Name & Email allows us also to write to each other privately.  If you write to an individual, the moderator will reject you’re email; that helps so our email boxes will not be filled with emails that are not directly relevant to all of us.



For a blog on Misconceptions about NLP, Karen Moxom has a statement.  There’s also links to the aim, vision, community interest and history of ANLP.




PROJECTS — (Shelle Rose Charvet)  Activities we agreed on to achieve:


1) Create draft website:

Persons: Shelle, Bob Janes and Rich Liotta

Date: by Dec 31, 2013


2) Common NLP Vocabulary pages in Russian, Ukrainian and English

Persons:  Frank Pucelik, send to Shelle

Date: by Jan 1, 2014


3) What are we here for? Text

Persons: Joe Cheal, Karen Moxom and Lisa Wakeby

Date: Dec 30th, send to Shelle


4) Our Values

Persons: Jeremy Lazarus, Melody Cheal, Bruce Grimley

Date:  by Dec 30th, send to Shelle

5) What is NLP?

Persons: Rich Liotta, Rick Gray (serves you right for not being here!! J), Bruce Grimley.

Date: send to Shelle by Dec 30th


6) What we stand for

Persons: Wyatt Woodsmall, Eva Hols and Frank Pucelik

Date: by Dec 30 to Shelle


7) NLP Misconceptions

Persons:  Dianne Lowther, Bob Janes, Judith Lowe & John

Date: by Dec 30th to Shelle


8) Define Criteria on who need to be here, draft manifesto

Persons: Gilles Roy & Michael Hall.

Date: by Jan 20, 2014 to Shelle


3) What’s the Purpose/Function of this Group  i.e. What am I signing up for?


Inspiring – living examples

Raise the professionalism of NLP

To promote the development of high quality NLP worldwide

To collaborate with people who live and care about high quality NLP

To pass on heritage/transmission

To set up communications worldwide to educate what is happening that is enhancing advancing NLP

To add credibility to the name ‘NLP’

To support the development of NLP

To clarify the meaning of the qualification

Supervision of the field (wisdom)

Demonstration of collaborative practice among ourselves (to be an example of what we are aiming to achieve)

Be models of excellence – that is externally validated

Produce something practical and useable


4) Our Values with Each Other














Well- being of our students (supervision)



Kind (something ‘kindness’ like Dalai Lama? warm-heartedness?)


Global (understanding/appreciating differences


Contribution to humanity



Reality Based

5) What NLP Is?                    

A humanistic psychological model

Structure of subjective experience

Behavioural science change technology born in the 1990s by G.B.P. that has spread worldwide with applications in business, health, psychotherapy, etc.

Methodology that utilises high quality processes, tools and techniques

Specialises in the structures of learning and change *growth

A set of tools, techniques, and attitudes with three key benefits: improves communication; changes attitudes behaviours and beliefs; replicate excellence. Can lead to better results faster.

A modelling process

Patterning – identify/detecting patterns

Includes collection of tools to facilitate change


6) What We Stand For                     

Integrity -> to be congruent and live what we talk

Ethics and ecology

High standard -> quality of clarity of standards in knowledge and skills


No short (4-7) day PT programs

No training so that do not meet international standards


The presupps in action thought/delivery

Contribution at global levels to the evolution of intelligence and wisdom

Better communication at all levels of society

Development of the human race


7) Common misconceptions that we discourage  

About everything

Magic wand


– house- pet

– giraffe

Too short trainings

Used without NLP presupposition

A cure for disease

A panacea for all -> over promising ‘Speed Seduction, etc.’

Finished or complete

Appropriate for certain psychological/physical conditions

May not be X – but application for . . .

Covert manipulation


Dangerous when used effectively professionally

Not one simple generalisation

Money making brand

Cult with dogma creed

Online training/distance learning

Pyramid selling

Bandler’s property > public domain