NLP Credibility

People with Ph.D.s who use and integrate NLP in their work — Professors, Researchers, Writers
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Andrei Pligin, Ph.D. Moscow

Anne-Laure Nouvion, Ph.D. Biology, Cancer Research, Director Science Magazine

Bruce Grimley, Ph.D.

Carl Lloyd, Ph.D. Psy.D.
Professor of Management at George Fox University
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lisa de Rijk, Ph.D.
Visiting Research Fellow, King’s College London

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology
Researcher in Humanistic Psychology

Lisa De Rijk, Ph.D.

Pascal J Gambardella, Ph.D. Physics
Co-Chair, Psychology and Human Behavior SIG, System Dynamics Society

Phil Parker, Ph.D. DO Psychology of Health
Lead Lecturer in Coaching at London Metropolitan University, School of Psychology

NLP Research

The NLP Research and Recognition Project – led by Dr. Frank J. Bourke see here 

Please see The NLP Research Conference page on the ANLP site here.

The NLP Research Journal edited by Dr. Paul Tosey– two volumes already completed. See the ANLP site here.

The Evidence for NLP (ICPR Spring 2019) Lisa de Rijk, Lucas A.C. Derks, Bruce Grimley & Jaap Hollander. Download PDF here.

Neuro-linguistic programming: A review of NLP research and the application of NLP in coaching (ICPR Spring 2019)​. Jonathan Passmore & Tatiana Rowson. Download PDF here.

Recalling Routes around London: Activation of the Right Hippocampus in Taxi Drivers, Maguire, Frackowiak & Frith, The Journal of Neuroscience, Sept 1997. See here.

Mirror Neurons and the Simulation Theory of Mind Reading, Gallese and Goldman, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Dec 1998. Download PDF here.

Differential Consolidation and Pattern Reverberations within Episodic Cell Assemblies in the Mouse Hippocampus, Oşan, Chen, Feng & Tsien, PLOS, Feb 2011. See here.

The Eyes Don’t have it: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Wiseman and Watt, 2012. See here.

Using a behavioral Model of Excellence to improve organizational performance: benefits and pitfalls. Terrence L. McClendon, 2019.
Published in the Journal of Experiential Psychology, March 2019.
Download the pdf of the final 2022 version here

Introduction: Behavioral models of excellence are used to profile successful human behavior and, through a training program, to teach others the characteristics of success. This paper introduces an NLP LifeSets© behavioral modeling process for replicating human behavior based on the tools and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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