The Elder Columns Project

Following the Alicante meeting of 2016 we –  Jaap Hollander, Lucas Derks, Bruce Grimley and Lisa de Rijk, developed the Elder Columns project to develop a detailed and widely shared description of what NLP is and what it is not.

We are now at a stage where we would like to get input from the members of the Leadership Summit by asking you to complete the ‘voting form’ below.

If you want to know more about the background to the questions, have a look at two documents that describe how the voting list was developed

  • The Elder Columns Part 1 – this gives the general plan for the project; sets out the current state of NLP recognition; and sets out the rationale for voting. We circulated this a while ago and received many helpful responses.
  • The Elder Columns Part 2 – gives a summary of Part 1 and sets out the responses we received to it and how we have handled them in the current version of the ‘voting form’.

Note: clicking the links will show the documents as PDFs in new tabs where you can read or download them.

The Voting form