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Ueli Frischknecht

re. ‘Admission Procedure’

The following seems to be our consenus:

“When we began introducing trainers for membership, it was on the basis that – 1) the trainer meets the minimum timeframe requirements (15 years training NLP), 2) the membership of the trainer was proposed to the group, 3) the trainer agreed to the ‘what we stand for’ and ‘sign off on the manifesto’ – with the stipulation that no one strongly disagrees with the membership of the proposed trainer.
If there are [strong objections] they need to be discussed among the group.” Heidi Heron

“Our process is simply to put forth a name and if people agree, or no one disagrees, they become members—very easy, very simple. If someone or several disagree, they do not become members.” Juli Siverthorn (From Emails March 2017)