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Ueli Frischknecht

From: L. Michael Hall, March 30, 2017

The NLP Leadership Summit is for “leaders” in all sorts of roles in this nebulous field called NLP. That would include anyone who is “leading” the minds, hearts, and activities of people — and so would include writers, sponsors, researchers, etc. So it does extend beyond merely those training the primary NLP trainings.

We have left “leader” and “leading” pretty general — indicating those who are leading people into this field, those training people for the field, those raising credibility through research or publications, that kind of thing. Many of the researchers — Like James and Penny — once were trainers but now have a new leadership focus. They are certainly “elders in the tribe” however much some of us have semantic reactions to the term “elder” ! 

One of the things that seemed to emerge last year in Alicante was how everyone really valued the importance of personal integrity and having a good reputation among those with whom we work. In a sense, that’s what we bring to each other. We care about the quality of NLP training, we care about its credibility in the world, we care about maintaining standards — and we care about spreading the word.

How we treat people with respect and how we present ourselves in an honest way (without misrepresenting ourselves) is what enables people to believe us and in what we are ready to teach and train. For me, that’s why we have to ask some really hard questions to those who want to join this associating of known leaders in NLP — esp. if we have questions about their reputation or behavior.

It’s not about control or being exclusive — it’s about living what we teach — and correcting things when we make mistakes.