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Ueli Frischknecht

Excerpt from an Email by: L. Michael Hall, March 30, 2017

Regarding the question of ethics — the idea is being basically truthful and respectful. That would mean not misrepresenting oneself regarding one’s degrees or status, etc. When questions came up about that with David Shepherd, several of us contacted him, asked him about that in order to deal with the misrepresentations.

Currently, what has emerged is this
• If there are 3 objections to a person, we say, Thanks but no thanks.
• If there’s problems with the association you were certified with, please make things right with them first.

If one of our goals is to build up the credibility of NLP — then making sure that a “leader” has a generally decent reputation helps — and welcoming those who have a questionable reputation, especially at this stage of our development — does not help.

I know it doesn’t answer every concern, but it is a beginning. And it certainly does challenge us to keep working on this in the coming years.