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Heidi Heron

(reply from Lisa de Rijk )

Hi Anneke
I think it would be worth considering standards and curricula separately.

For example, one can teach basic anchoring, stacking, chaining, collapse in 30 mins to 1 hour. Would this cover theoretical underpinning, history, operant vs classic conditioning, neurological pathways, parasympathetic vs sympathetic arousal, scope of practice, which conditions is it unsafe to use for etc.

I once did a 4 hour workshop at the NLP conference on anchoring and operant conditioning and then only briefly touched the surface.

Curricula for a business audience would be different than for a therapeutic audience. So application would want to be considered.

Standards then is about competence. How competent is a person in utilising anchoring in a given context and how do we measure that?
I hope this helps deliberations.
Best wishes in this exciting discussion

Lisa de Rijk