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Heidi Heron

(Reply from Peter Schutz)

Yes Dear Bruce
You were the only anglosaxan exception that answered , thank you again, I liked the article ?
You Bruce belong to the very few who publish in journals – Great !

And yes , – by legal neccessity – currently I am focused on psychotherapy accreditation , here the criteria are publikations in good research journals , have to go into second position with our federal departement of health

This would support NLP – which I regard as applied psychology – enormously

And yes , contexts are different
In some countries in Europe every convicted arsonist , drug dealer and rapists , once he is out of prison , can offer a NLP coaching , CounsellIng or psychotherapy office …. Similar to NLP trainers

In some , ethical , legal and competence standards are much or very much higher
Although the ” everything is possible ” NLP crowd tends to ignore that ..

Which other fields than psychology / psychotherapy do you suggest , that have :

A Journals with a good impact factor
B good and independently confirmed results with NLP
C at least 5 good articles from various countries worth to publish in a good journal
D a government agency that would state , Yes , for this field we can accredit NLP as a method

So , which field do you suggest ?
Training track and Field or triathlon ?
Archeology ?
Under water demolition for the SBS ?
Reduction of car accidents through better driving schools ?
Teamtraining ?
Teaching Human rights to antisemitic Football Hooligans in Birmingham ?

Who of the esteemed 150
OR so summit Colleguages have experience in one of those or other Fields – and have published in good Journals ?

Hope all goes well with your paper !