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Heidi Heron

(Reply from Ueli R. Frischknecht)

Dear Bruce

Thank you so much for your consistently respectful and polite stance in upholding nlp as a methodology that is most valuable for – yes of course – the field of psycho therapy but – yes of course too – for so many fields more.

I am very grateful for anybody doing this kind of work with your kind of attitude. Because I know it is very important and good for our common endeavour nlp. But publishing articles for blind peer reviewed journals is not one of the strong gifts that has been given to me by the godess on birth and I have not been able to develop lot’s of it any further during my life. I am a good nlp trainer (I am proud to say) and I am quite good in bringing people together and motivating to get on living their values and bringing their visions into the world. And many things more. And – I am proud to say – I have contributed quite a bit to the good reputation of nlp in Switzerland.

Thus I do not blame anybody who is not working in a scientific research way to contribute to the field of nlp. In my view, anybody who is doing good ethical work is very welcome. And – yes again – Peter, you are right, it would be great to have more research work done.

All the best


Ueli R. Frischknecht