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Heidi Heron

(Reply from Peter Schutz)

In 1985 we started with 37 day Practitioner Courses
Max 25 Students , 4 OR 5 different trainers , and a personal interview with Each student during the First two seminars

We quickly understood that One of The key structures creating the bad name For NLP was the selfreference …

Since 1990 we require video Feedback of a coaching Session , First audited by the Peer group, then by a trainer

Professional NLP standard

This led to a good competence standard of our graduates
And s high appreciation For NLP with psychologists And MDs

1993 the First published Research was started .,

Around 1995 the quicky sects appeared
Cashing in with 1-2 Week 150 Student Seminars, referring to various US standards …..

We still do Professional standard , 37 day Pract

( this has nothing To do with psychotherapy )

Would be Great if the Summit colleguages would come on Board To Level 4

This also would mean a big Investment in PR , clearly drawing lines To the many crooks and sectoids in the NLP field

And Now , 30 years After the murder of Corinne Christensen , make an official statement , that whoever was involved
Is ethically not reccomended as a trainer …and the graduations of this
” Tribe” will not be respected

Brave enough for that ??