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Heidi Heron

(Reply from Frank Bourke)


As with Rick Gray I never received enquiries from you regarding the removal of NLP from our official name, our web site, etc. As Lisa de Rijk has pointed out, the “NLP Research and Recognition Project” was incorporated as a Not for Profit Corporation here in the US in 2008. The name was changed, officially deleting “NLP” from the Corporate name, after 28 million dollars of well designed, University sponsored, research grants were denied (many obviously never even having been reviewed per the denials). Additionally, numerous direct attempts to forge collaborative/supportive relationships with established psychological researchers were rejected on the basis of our association with NLP.

Most of us at the Research and Recognition Project believe;
1. NLP materials represent the largest advance in clinical psychology in the last 75 years.

2. The only way NLP will receive widespread recognition and practice is after it has demonstrated its’ effectiveness through sound scientific research.

3. Given, that even small pilot clinical research studies cost between $300,000 and $500,000, NLP research will have to start with raising appreciable amounts of money from sources generally hostile to NLP. (Our first and only “NLP” funding drive accessed 22,000 NLP practitioners, took six months to conduct and yielded $12,000, of which $9000 was personally donated by 4 NLP Institute owners).

4. The best strategy to success organizationally is to pace the professional community by gaining recognition for NLP clinical protocols in standard psychological research formats and after demonstrating scientifically the clinical efficacy of specific protocols move on to larger clinical trials based upon their performance and then, make the NLP association.

To that end, our first two studies of the RTM’s performance (NLP derived protocol for the treatment of PTSD, costing $550,000 directly to run) are gaining widespread professional support and recognition across some 8 University research laboratories, a number of them being among the most prestigious in their field (PTSD). Somewhere down the line here we are hoping that the Leadership Group and larger segments of the sound NLP community will lend formal support and physical help to both NLPt and our research efforts in Europe, here in the U.S., and internationally.