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      Heidi Heron

      images (1)We’re glad you could join us, and we’re looking forward to your contribution to this lively community of the NLP Leadership Team.

      We want this to be a fun, upbeat community open to members To make that possible, we need everyone to use common sense and be respectful of all Leadership Summit members. Here are the rules & guidelines for using the NLP Leadership Summit Forums:

      • Stay on topic. Make your contribution relevant to the original post.
      • Be polite. Everyone likes to be treated with respect, so inappropriate language, harsh criticism, or disrespect of others’ opinions are not allowed. Remember – respect each others model of the world.
      • Report violations. Inform us so that we can take appropriate action.
      • Observe chat rules. Our Forums are not chat rooms, and we recommend that you avoid direct responses to others’ comments as that often leads to bickering. Do not react openly to guideline violations. Someone else’s violation is not an excuse for you to respond or react in a way that violates our guidelines. The best advice is: Stay on topic & Report violations.
      • Do not feed the trolls. Do not be a troll. “Trolls” are people who post messages intended to infuriate you and get you to respond. Trolls feed on such responses. The only way to stop Trolls is to ignore them. Report Trolls to us and we’ll take care of them.
      • Do not advertise. Proposing transactions or promoting your website, blog, product, etc. for financial gain or other marketing intent is prohibited. That’s not what our Forums are all about. If we find such postings, we’ll delete them and you may get banned from our Forums.
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