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    Heidi Heron

    (reply from Lisa de Rijk)

    Interesting screen shot, and I think one focus of the leadership summit is standards, quality and ethics.
    Which inevitably at some point will lead to specific trainers, schools and approaches.
    Are we brave enough to go there?

    Lisa de Rijk (formerly Wake) MSc, RGN, PhD Cand.

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    Heidi Heron

    (reply from Brian Cullen)

    My wife took that particular course a few years ago and there was indeed a huge amount of up-selling and cross-selling. She had already taken a practitioner elsewhere and was just interested and was in the area at the time.

    The marketing nature of these courses is also well illustrated by the screenshot of the website that appeared when I clicked on the link a few minutes ago. I’ve attached it below just in case you thought the $90 was too expensive 🙂

    I don’t think that there is much to be gained in discussion here by talking about quality of individual courses or schools or trainers. However, in general terms it is interesting to see just how far NLP practitioner courses have been transformed into a marketing vehicle. The disconnect between this and well-executed research seems to be an ever-widening chasm.

    All the best,
    Brian Cullen

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    Heidi Heron

    (Reply from Lisa de Rijk)

    Thanks for sharing Hugh.
    Scary that Matt has dropped his prices to this, wonder what the standards are like including assessment, monitoring and supervision?

    Lisa de Rijk (formerly Wake) MSc, RGN, PhD Cand.

    in reply to: No NLP in NLP Research and Recognition Project #561
    Heidi Heron

    (reply by Lisa de Rijk )

    HI All
    The site has been changed to The Road Back.
    The project has experienced significant problems by having a site entitled the NLP Research and Recognition project. Unfortunately the project gets stopped at every hurdle because as soon as the name NLP comes up and a psychologist is on a bid for research funding, the old stories come up as does the Sharpley article along with the Wikipedia article. So we fall at the first fence.
    As the grant panels, senators and other supporters are aware, the project is about NLP methodologies and we need to pace the US gatekeepers to continue to get support for this crucial work.
    There are some excellent research results coming out of the project and I have copied both Rick and Frank on this email as they may wish to add more to my initial comments above.
    Best wishes

    Lisa de Rijk (formerly Wake) MSc, RGN, PhD Cand.
    Awaken Consulting & Training Services Ltd
    twitter – @lisa_derijk
    0845 873 2036
    07802 985282

    in reply to: Notes from the 2016 Meeting #527
    Heidi Heron

    Deciding on what NLP is – notes from Michael Hall

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    Heidi Heron

    Notes from Ueli Frischknecht

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    Heidi Heron

    Notes from Rachel Hott

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    in reply to: ANLP Accreditation #520
    Heidi Heron

    Attached are all the accreditation docs, and I am also cut and pasting the initial email which accompanies the docs, in case it helps with context:

    “Dear XX

    Thank you for registering your interest in ANLP Trainer/Provider Accreditation.

    As you may know, the ANLP accreditation programme was suspended earlier this year, pending some major changes, which will require more administration and documentation once launched next year. However as these changes are taking longer than anticipated, and you have expressed a keen interest in moving forward with accreditation now, we are emailing you the information as requested.

    The benefit of undertaking ANLP Accreditation now is that we will be rolling out the new process to existing Accredited Trainers first – so you will now be included in that group! Please understand that when the new process is rolled out, sometime within the next 18 months to 2 years, there will be a further administration application to go through. Of course, because you will have already completed the process once, you will already have most of the required information to hand next time.

    So you have a clear idea of what is involved in the ANLP Accreditation Programme, please find the following documents attached for your information. You may have already read some of this information on our website, and for transparency, we are including it all for you now.

    1. ANLP Accreditation Summary.
    2. Accreditation Core Criteria – basic criteria for all those seeking ANLP Accreditation
    3. Application Requirements – summary of documents and requirements to be included in the application
    4. Application Time Schedule – ANLP commitment to managing the application process
    5. Ongoing Commitment Schedule for Successful Applications
    6. Fees Schedule
    7. ANLP Accreditation Guide
    8. ANLP Accreditation Application workbook (Chapters 1 to 8), which now incorporates the Assessors form as well, so you can see how your application will be assessed.
    9. Direct Feedback questionnaire
    10. Accredited Logo usage guidelines

    Please do take time to read the documents and, if you require further information or have any queries, please do contact me. Please note that you will not necessarily be required to complete all the Workbook sections – it will depend upon which course you wish to have assessed.

    We accept all applications electronically, so when you are ready to apply, if you contact me beforehand, I can open up a Drop Box folder for you to upload your application documents.

    To ensure a smooth application process, I would suggest that if you know roughly when you are planning on submitting your application, please let me know, so I can get an Assessor lined up – as our Assessors are all Trainers/Master trainers themselves, this will expedite things.

    Also, when submitting your information please take care to include all the necessary documents to avoid any delays due to missing paperwork. We would draw your attention to the fact that if we require additional information at any stage of the process, there will be a maximum of 28 days to submit this.

    On submission of your application, assuming that everything is complete, you will see from the attached Time Schedule that we estimate that it will take between 6 to 12 weeks to complete. Your Assessor will keep you informed about the progress of your application throughout.

    The fees schedule details all fees associated with ANLP Accreditation and we do require that you submit part of this –i.e. a non-refundable deposit of £200 with your initial application. This covers the Assessors fees and up to half an hour of email/phone support from ANLP and/or the assessor before or during the Accreditation process.

    Once you have been approved as an Accredited Trainer/Provider, you are required to purchase ANLP Accredited Seals/Certificates for each candidate completing an ANLP Accredited:

    • NLP Diploma
    • NLP Practitioner
    • NLP Master Practitioner

    The cost of these Seals is £20 per person. This goes towards the cost of maintaining a database of ANLP Accredited Course holders. Additionally, in recognition of the high standards of training you deliver, we also provide each successful Accredited Student with three months Introductory Membership of ANLP, so you are giving them the best possible start to their career as an NLP Professional.

    Please do get in touch if you would like some support to start navigating your way through the process! “

    Talk soon and enjoy the sunshine xx

    With best wishes

    Managing Director

    The Association for NLP – The Association for NLP Professionals
    Apsley Mills Cottage, Stationers Place, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9RH
    Tel: 020 3051 6740 Fax: 0560 0042 535 Web: http://www.anlp.org

    Winners at the Hertfordshire Business Awards ~ Small Business of the Year
    ANLP International CIC is a Community Interest Company, Registered in England, Company Number 5383959 (Registered Office address as above)

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