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Nov 30, 2013 by

Michael Hall

Michael Hall

We are here to associate with each other.  We are not here to create some kind of super-association; rather to be leaders within this field of NLP — leaders who can cooperate and collaborate with each other, leaders who stand among and alongside the other leaders of the field: past, present and future.

Because we have more than a decade of influence in the field, we are here as ‘elders of the tribe’ so to speak, and we come together because each of us shares a common concern: We care about the quality and future of this field— the Field of NLP.

As creative and entrepreneurial leaders, each of us already has our own businesses, our own sphere of influence, our own views on the field, and belong to our chosen associations. We recognize that we are all co-creating the future as we teach, train, write, research, and/or promote NLP in our area of influence.  We come together to demonstrate collaboration, integrity, congruence, and living the models that we love and present.

We are here for the larger community, to stay informed about the larger NLP world, and we are here for the long-term. Our goal is to tap into the pool of knowledge, skills, and wisdom of the whole community — the human capital of intelligence and creativity. We do this to be more able to adjust as the world changes and allow this field to evolve to stay relevant and effective.

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